• This could be a painting of your dog.

    But actually, this is Peter's dog, Lucy.


    ...or your Cat...

  • ...or YOU when you were little.

  • ...or your sailboat.

  • Why is this cat blue?

    She's not really. She's gray. But her essence is highly faceted and dynamic--just like most things when seen energetically. That's how I paint--not so much how I "see" them, but how I feel them from a vibrational perspective. Do you know what I mean? It's an energy thing. I tune into my subjects and the rest is basically emotional, spiritual and imaginative. If you were to ask me how I define my creative process, that's what I'd tell you.

  • Custom Artwork. 

    Commissioning your own piece of art is easy.  


    Just email me a high resolution photo. Or even text it to me. Tell me what size you'd like. That's it.


    I unconditionally guarantee your 100% satisfaction. 

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    20 x 20
    Make a statement.
    Let your pet know how you Really feel.
    Go Big.

    Don't see a size you want listed here?
    Just let me know what you need and we can make it happen.
    There is no limit to the size I can paint.
    Text me. Let's imagine the possibilities...
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    8 x 10
    This is a classic size--small enough to fit in a frame that you can place on your desk or by your bed or anywhere that you want to see it all the time.

    Got photos on your phone? Text them to me and let's get started.
    Coming soon
    12 x 12
    Squares are great. And 12 x 12 is a fun size. I love finding a big square frame and just floating the painting on mat board.

    Ready for an original of the one you love?
    Send me some photos and I'll do the rest.
    Coming soon
    11 x 14
    People tell me the paintings I do of their pets are the best gifts they've ever received. That kind of response is why I do this. How many other things can we do in this world that bring people to tears of joy?

    Need help getting just the right photo? Get eye-level with your pet. Don't use a flash. And when you text it, send the largest size possible.
    Coming soon
  • Custom Reception desk at Westside Foot and Ankle Specialists in Portland, Oregon

    Large Installations. Where you hang your hat. Or dangle your feet.

    Or drive your car or take your dog...I've created large, custom installations for Mini Cooper of Kennesaw, Georgia, the Westside Foot and Ankle Specialists of Portland, Oregon, and many veterinary clinics around the country. Need a big, bold conversation starter? Call me.

  • About the artist

    Painting in bright, bold splashes
    full of movement and color thrills me.

    If I am painting your pet, then what I'm looking for is their essence so that when you look at the piece, you feel their spirit as though they were right there with you.

    It's about how the painting makes you feel.

    It's about the experience.

    I want it to remind you of being with the one you love---(and you know who that is)!

    My goal is to create an emotional connection between the viewer and the subject of the piece--to capture the energy and essence of the moment.

  • Contact me

    I'd love to work with you. Tell me about your project and let's get started!
    Text me at
    Just send me some photos of your pets. Tell me what size you want.
    And we're off to the races.




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